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Hunting Frankenstein - Limited Edition Hardcover (Autumn 2025)

Hunting Frankenstein - Limited Edition Hardcover (Autumn 2025)


The story of Victor Frankenstein's reanimated monster is one of the greatest works of horror ever published, but is it merely fiction? Was the deathly creature's stormy resurrection inspired by true events? What is the real history of the ruined castle high above the Rhine Valley in German Bavaria? Who was the secretive alchemist performing forbidden experiments within the castle walls, and did he truly create an elixir of life from the bodies of the dead?

Legend-hunter Christopher Rondina returns to the mountains of Germany to seek out the truth behind the iconic tale of a mad scientist and his terrifying creation!

HUNTING FRANKENSTEIN is available now for pre-order!
This signed and numbered hardcover is limited to just 100 copies, and will ship in September of 2025, exclusively from GhostBoyPress!

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