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HUNTING THE BEAST - Trade Paperback (Ships October 2023)

HUNTING THE BEAST - Trade Paperback (Ships October 2023)


Pre-Order - October 2023

In the summer of 1764, something came out of the forests of rural southern France - Something big, something savage, something HUNGRY. 
For three years the people of the Gevaudan region lived in fear of this deadly beast - It was fast and smart, cunning and elusive, and it killed without mercy. Was it a monstrous wolf, a human madman, or something in between?

Follow legend-hunter Christopher Rondina on a quest to discover the terrifying true story of THE BEAST OF GEVAUDAN!

  • Signed by the author
    Trade Paperback
    200 pages, B&W, Illustrated 

  • Shipping $5.95 per book anywhere in the US
    (Discount applied for quantity purchases)

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